Our Course Schedule

BRG Firearms Training Academy
2015 Course Schedule

Course Schedule Updated:   20 March 2015

        Please visit the following pages on this website to register for these valuable courses, seminars and training programs:

        NRA Firearms Courses
         NRA Certified Instructor Training
          Concealed Carry Courses
           Women's Courses
            Tactical Pistol Courses
             Law Enforcement Training
              Private Security Officer Training
               Lethal Weapons Training
                Intro to Pistol Shooting
                 Deadly Force - Responding to Deadly Force Encounters
                  Safety, Security & Conflict Avoidance Concepts & Strategies
                    Active Shooter Seminars & In-Service Workshops





16th    Combat Tactics Defensive Handgun


13th    NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course

20th    Concealed Carry - Personal Protection Outside the Home

21st    Concealed Carry - Range Portion

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